Heavy Timber is a Great Building Option

Heavy timer was the preferred material used for construction long ago, and has recently been making a comeback. Why use heavy timber? Is it really a better option, and why? Heavy timber is a “greener” alternative, a more cost efficient building material, one of the oldest materials used in construction, and fire resistant.

Environmentally Friendly
Heavy timber is a “greener” alternative to steel, due partially to the reduced carbon footprint created during the timbers production. Also, timber is a renewable source.

Cost Effective
Timber has been used as a cheaper alternative to other building materials. It also has significantly more aesthetic appeal than it’s counterparts.

One of the Oldest and Most Reliable
Timber is one of the oldest building materials. Architects and historians have long studied the use to timber in ancient times. It is and has always been a reliable and sturdy material.

Fire Resistant
Surprisingly, heavy timber is actually more fire resistant than steel. When heated, steel has a tendency to expand and lose its stiffness, causes it to collapse. Timber does not expand when heated and retains its strength when exposed to extreme heat that is common in building fires.