What are SIPs and Why Use them?

SIPs (Structural Insulation Panels) are building panels used in residential and light commercial roofs, walls and flooring. The panels are made of a center of foam plastic insulation, stuck in between two structural materials. Why choose SIPs instead of other insulation products? SIPs are most durable, cost effective and energy efficient than it’s counterparts.

SIPs are the most environmentally friendly product available. Because SIPs are airtight, it ensures better air quality, reduces construction waste and reduces energy use. SIPs allow for a decreased construction which also helps reduce energy used. SIPs also help ensure the air quality of the building by reducing mold and mildew.

The strength of SIPs are similar to the strength of a steel I-beam. It is compatible with almost any building system and sized to suit the needs of each building. SIPs are easily modified on construction site with the use of a few SIPs specific tools.

As for cost efficiency, SIPs require up to 55% less labor over other conventional products. As previously mentioned, there is also less waste involved with SIPs, meaning there is a decrease on the cost of jobsite waste disposal as well.