Why Glu-lam?

Glulam is a substance made from timber, and is stronger than steel. It requires little maintenance and because it is made from timber, it is a more renewable resource than steel. Glulam is flexible, durable, and more fire resistant than other structural alternatives.

Glulam is a great choice for large structures for many reasons. It is very strong and versatile when used in construction. It can be made large or small, straight or curved for any construction needs. Typically, such versatility is expensive, but glulam is not as expensive as some of its alternatives. Any growth defects in the wood used to make glulam is minimal. It is twice as strong as normal wood.

In addition to being strong, glulam is also more fire resistance than its alternatives. Though, of course, nothing is fireproof, glulam retains its shape more than steel would during a fire. Not only is this substance fire resistance, but it is also chemical resistant, making it top choice for swimming areas. Glulams durability is evident.

Durability, fire and chemical resistant, strength, and sustainability are all reasons why glulam should be considered before building. It requires less maintenance than steel and is almost twice the strength. It is a clear choice for those deciding whether or not to consider using glulam.