Why Glulam Is the Best Choice

Glulam, or glued laminated timber, is a cost-effective choice for building materials. In addition to saving money, the product can be built quickly, saving time as well. The material is durable and versatile, available in a wide range of materials. Timbers are joined to various lengths. They are then dressed to the right thickness and pressed together under strong pressure until the glue has cured. It is cut to the correct size and may be coated with a water resistant repellant. The manufacturing process of these materials will allow for various larger and longer sizes to be cut.

Glulam can be adjusted to any size and used for materials such as arches, columns, rafters and A-frames, among other structures. The material is strong. Compared to steel, it is corrosion resistant, making it strong to chemicals and pollution. It is also resistant to fire, maintaining its structure. Glulam is also a good choice environmentally, as it does not need to be mined, so it does not contribute to high energy manufacturing processes. While there are energy manufacturing needs for this material, it does not contribute as highly as steel.

Glulam is made up of a number of different laminates, so the characteristics that reduce strength are absent or confined to one laminate. This is what contributes to the material being stronger, with a greater strength performance. In the right conditions, this material can be used in the most aggressive conditions. It is often used in swimming pools, roofs, as well as road bridges, all things that are regularly subjected to a number of different man-made and natural elements.